JWS Bespoke was founded in 1994 by three Canadian businessmen and is now a leading global menswear brand.

JWS Bespoke provides premium quality 100% cotton dress shirts, silk ties and accessories at very competitive prices. Over the past two decades we have greatly expanded our dress shirt collections  incorporating the finest fabrics from around the world in their design. Our shirts feature a generous cut and meticulous single-needle tailoring. Our buttonholes are stitched 144 times to ensure non-ravel wear, and our collars are designed with the finest linings and removable stays, producing an immaculate finish that appears soft and crisp after each wash. The majority of our shirts are made from the finest Egyptian and Italian cottons, and we provide these premium quality dress shirts at surprisingly affordable prices through a simple formula - global textile sourcing and no middle-man.

To expand the JWS Bespoke brand we encourage partnership opportunities for franchising to like-minded entrepreneurs. For an approved investor we will locate the appropriate real estate, design and furnish the interior layout of the store, hire and train sales staff, as well as provide essential marketing services.

Our goal is to continue to grow the JWS Bespoke company as a national and international brand. We would love to discuss the possibilities of a business opportunity with any interested partner.

For further information please call our customer service at  1-800-221-8595 x 1000 or email us at