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Matt Black Leather Ratchet Style Dress Belt

Matt Black Leather Ratchet Style Dress Belt

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Available in Black, this elegant dress belt has a clean No-Hole fastening system. It feature a ratcheted panel on the inside with 1/4" settings, instead of the usual 1" gaps between holes as on regular belts. The beautiful black geometric style buckle has a quick release clip at the bottom to loosen the belt.

Total belt length can be up to 46", so if the belt is too long for you, even at the smallest setting, it has the added feature of being further adjustable. It has a removable buckle, so all you have to do is raise the metal tab at the back, the buckle will slide off, then cut to the desired length with a pair of sharp scissors or an exacto knife, slip the buckle back on, and press the tab back down. The teeth on the metal tab press into the leather on the back of the belt, preventing the buckle from ever sliding off. Always use one of your perfectly fitting existing belts to measure the correct length before cutting.

This full grain leather ratchet belt will gives your ensemble that clean finished look, especially when worn with a pair of matching black shoes. 

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