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Classy Matt Finish Casual Leather Belts

Classy Matt Finish Casual Leather Belts

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Available in two colors, Brown and Cognac, these dressy casual belts have a clean modern look with their brushed gold finish buckles. The right choice for a casual day at the office, or an evening out with friends, they look perfect matched up to a nice pair of Jeans or Chinos. A complementing sports jacket or blazer would complete the ensemble.

Total belt length can be up to 46", so if the belt is too long for you, it can be adjusted to reduce its length, although a slightly different process. You will need a Flat or a Phillips screwdriver and a Leather Hole Punch, if you do not have these available, any shoe repair shop will be able to shorten the belt for you in a few minutes.

If you decide to do it yourself, you will need to undo the screw from the back, making sure you do not lose its metal backing, the leather buckle tab will lift off, and you can detach the belt panel. Place one of your perfectly fitting existing belts over it, and align the holes of the two belts. Mark the correct length at the buckle end of the new belt, then cut to the desired length using a pair of sharp scissors or an exacto knife, Once cut, use the cut leather piece to mark where the hole for the screw needs to be punched. Match the hole size on the leather punch, and punch the hole. Reattach the buckle by aligning the two holes of the leather tabs to the newly punched hole, and fasten the screw back into position.

No matter which color you choose, either one of these leather belts canada will give your ensemble that clean put-together look, especially when matched to shoes of a similar color palette.

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